Please read the Terms of Services before contacting me for a commission. It is assumed you agree with the terms the moment you make the payment. If you have any questions about specifics, feel free to contact me at saruei@outlook.fr

Payment Method 

Full payment upfront, Paypal only, using EURO (€) as the currency.

All of this info will be discussed privately via e-mail/Twitter/Discord.


I hold the right to broadcast the entire process of the commission on my live stream at twitch.tv/saruei_ and to record the creation of the artwork, unless we agree differently.


By commissioning me, you acknowledge that, as the artist, I retain full rights over the created image for profit. I hold the rights over my commissions to post in my galleries and to use for publicity, prints, graphics, merchandise, etc.

Client Obligations

When you commission, you agree to the following:

  • Using the commission form linked here: https://goo.gl/forms/l9xjgqDWxnwGdRpo2

  • Contacting me at saruei@outlook.fr to let me know you sended the commission form

  • You won't use the commissions for any commercials purposes.

  • Commissioners will pay for the PayPal transaction fee. Accurate paypal fee calculator.

  • Fill out the commission form carefully & correctly. Try to include all the needed information regarding the artwork. This will be my main reference.

  • Provide sufficient & appropriate image references in the commission form.

  • Assume responsibility for failing to provide important information at the appropriate time in the commissioning process.

  • Respect my work and do not tamper with it in any way, including the removal of my signature/watermark.

  • Carefully read the Terms of Service & Commission information pages.



Revisions to the commission are included in the price at the following approval stages:

Rough Sketch & Color Plan approval.


Commissions are not refundable. No exceptions will be made.

*I reserve the right to decline or discontinue a commission at any time. Only in this instance, you will get a full refund.

Soft NSFW like Ecchi. We can negociate.

Original characters with reference pictures.

Some fan arts. Please ask me first.

Androgynous boys ( Astolfo, Lanling Wang... )

Girl Characters

Commissioning me means you agree to the above Terms of Services.

If you haven't read the Terms of Services as my client, I will not be held responsible for your own mistakes.

You can now fill the commission form at:



Portraits of real, existent people

Vehicles and Mechanicals

Furries, Gore

Hentai/Porn, Fetishes

Male characters

Commissions without reference pictures.