Chaldea: Apotheose Artbook
  • Chaldea: Apotheose Artbook

    Chaldea: Apotheose is a Fate/Grand Order illustration fan book made by Saruei


    ✦ B5 size (7 x 10 inches / 176 x 250 mm)
    ✦ 32 pages, Perfect Bound , Full Colour
    ✦ Cover: mat 300gsm cardstock with gold foil

    Sae Jin & Rythae

    By purchasing this publication you are agreeing to the following terms: 
    ✦ Reproduction, redistribution and/or sale of any part of this publication is strictly prohibited unless written permission is obtained by the author.


    Characters included are: Ereshkigal, Meltlilith, Elizabeth, Nitocris, Nero, Okita, Bradamante, Jinako, Hokusai, Artoria Alter, Jalter, Medb, Ishtar, Jeanne d'arc, Mordred, Artoria Ruler, Scathach, Yu Miaoyi

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