My name is Saruei, I'm a self taught french artist who does illustrations an concept art. I started drawing at a young age when greasy pastel and modeling clay reigned supreme around me.

When I have free time, I work on different illustrations, including fan arts from my various readings, movies, video games... What i use to test new things, renew my content, keep contact with my community and enlarge it.


Frequently Asked Question

How long have you been drawing ?

I started drawing when i knew how to handle a pencil, so since i’m really young and it’s been 10 years i’ve been drawing seriously from now on.

Did you take lessons in drawing ?

No, I am a self-taught.
I stopped school early to work entirely in art.

What softwares do you use ? What brand is your tablet ?

I’m using Clip Studio Paint Ex and Photoshop CS6 for finalizing my works. My tablet is a HUION Kamvas GT-221 Pro ! For their prices, please check online.

Can I use/reupload your art on my sites ?

It depend, under the following conditions:
1- If you want to post it on any social medias ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pixiv, DeviantArt and Tumblr ), don't repost my work, please share it from my links.
2- If you post them on your website, forum or want to use them as an avatar: You can, but my watermark should not be covered or cropped off.
3-You won't earn profit in any way, no merchandise, no digital sales or reprint will be made, in any way.
4-You can post them on youtube videos as long you link it back to my social media accounts.